Zen Cart upgrades are almost always vitally important and usually take a long time to perform

Anybody who claims there is a quick – “cheap” way of upgrading – is wrong and most likely hasn’t ever done an upgrade or has probably destroyed someone’s site when doing so.

Upgrades require a very professional and disciplined methodology – which we refer to as “Code Auditing”

When we perform an upgrade, we have to code audit over 2400 files to make sure we capture any custom code, which may be present in the older version.

We then have to hand merge such code into the corresponding files in the new version.

This can be a very lengthy process depending on the amount of custom code to be merged,

Performing an upgrade correctly isn’t, normally, a task for which we can provide a fixed quote

The final cost will depend on how many changes were made to Zen Cart core files, how many modules were added to the old store and whether such modifications or additions were done correctly in the first place

Generally we tell people to budget 10-20 hours – although if the client’s site is very basic, with few modules – then we can complete the upgrade process in less time

Upgrades are implemented in a sub-folder in a completely new Zen Cart installation,  so as to not impact to your live site during the upgrade process.

The upgrades are only made ‘live’ once we receive written acceptance that the upgrade performs to standard

We usually complete the upgrade process for testing within 10 days from confirmation of order