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Need Zen Cart Help ? Send an e-mail to our Help Desk or call us on 1-888-717-9746

At Zen Cart Consulting, we know that Store Owners – no matter how experienced or how new they may be to Zen Cart, totally depend on having mission critical support.

We have heard hundreds, if not thousands, of stories about a Store Owner’s ‘support person’ not being up to the job, not being contactable or simply just disappearing!

Whatever you need, we have highly trained Zen Cart Support & Development Team Members, ready to help you.
* Training – we offer personalized, live Skype training for individuals or groups

* Zen Cart Templates – we create and customize beautiful templates for Zen Cart – samples here –

* Zen Cart Software Development – we have developed a wide range of innovative add-on modules for Zen Cart – details here:

* Custom Programming – we can code any custom solution for Zen Cart

* Hosting – we are almost unique in providing High Performance Clustered Hosting – built form the ground up for Zen Cart and other mission-critical database driven applications

* Proudly Located in United States & Canada – Never Outsourcing Anything!

How We Provide Tech Support

Zen Cart Consulting guarantees our total commitment to our clients’ projects, unrivalled communication with our clients before and during the implementation process, as well as timely and cost-effective project delivery.

But what happens after the project implementation and rollout?

Zen Cart Consulting offers its clients our very fair and generous ‘Priority Support Plan’ (PSP) – clients only pay for Support on a time-used basis, rather than being billed a monthly Support Contract fee.

Clients pre-purchase 6-hour blocks of PSP support time to be used by the client at their discretion.

Typically, our clients will use their block of PSP support time for further training, custom coding, add-on modules, Zen Cart audits and upgrades, as well as general telephone and email support issues.

Most clients then choose to renew their next block of PSP support time to insure that their sites are always covered for Premium Technical Support

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Free Module – Export Email Addresses

24 * 7 Support

Mission Critical Support Whenever You Need It – 24 * 7 Help Desk, Personal Trainers, Developers

Zen Cart Optimized Hosting

Blazing Fast, Zen Cart Optimized Clustered Hosting From Our Dallas And Canada Centers

Beautiful Zen Cart Templates

We Make Beautiful Zen Cart Web Sites – See Recent Samples Below

Zen Cart Checkout Problems With & Paypal

Zen Cart Checkout Problems With & Paypal and PayPal have both made recent changes to the protocols they accept for processing credit card orders. As a result, many Zen Cart sites will suddenly find that people cannot check out as their credit cards will not process (we are seeing this happening a lot in Q1-Q2 2015)

This will happen to any site where the SSL is running SSL 3.0 or TLS 1.0.

How to know of your site is affected?

Contact our Support Desk on 1-855-572-9790 or Email Us

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Why Zen Cart Upgrades Can Be Expensive (and usually are)

Why Zen Cart Upgrades Can Be Expensive (and usually are)

Zen Cart upgrades are almost always vitally important and usually take a long time to perform

Anybody who claims there is a quick – “cheap” way of upgrading – is wrong and most likely hasn’t ever done an upgrade or has probably destroyed someone’s site when doing so.

Upgrades require a very professional and disciplined methodology – which we refer to as “Code Auditing”

When we perform an upgrade, we have to code audit over 2400 files to make sure we capture any custom code, which may be present in the older version.

We then have to hand merge such code into the corresponding files in the new version.… Read More...

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** New Module – QuickLoad – Super Fast Way To Update Products

** New Module – QuickLoad – Super Fast Way To Update Products

Updating store products is a real pain in the behind!

Updates are done through a browser-based web page interface and take, on average, a minute per product – which can add up to a lot of time and cost.

Consider this scenario – your store has 240 products and you aren’t sure if your products have the right tax class set. You would have to check each product to view and change the tax class as needed – potentially costing you 4 hours of your valuable time (and $$$)… Read More...

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Our 24*7 Support Desk Now Open!

Our 24*7 Support Desk Now Open!

Our 24*7 Support Desk is now open for any Support issues you may have.

Nova Cart and Zen Cart Hosting clients can access our 24*7 Support Desk, either by calling our Dedicated Help Line on 1-855-572-0790 or by submitting a Support Ticket to :

Either method of contacting Support will be personally responded to by our Support Desk Staff and all tickets or calls will be logged in our Support Desk system, which a client can follow up with the assigned Ticket number.

Zen Cart Consulting Clients can also contact Zen Cart Consulting Support via the same 1-855-572-0790 or by submitting a Support Ticket to :… Read More...

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** New Module – Remote Image – Display Remotely Hosted Product Images

** New Module – Remote Image – Display Remotely Hosted Product Images

Does your store need to display supplier provided images, hosted on the supplier’s site?
A lot of our clients are not provided with product images to attach to their products in Zen Cart.

Instead, the images are provided with web addresses

Our New Module – Remote Image – allows you the enter the URL to the image

So whether you need to attach a local or remote image file to your products – Remote Image handles both – and if you use Easy Populate – you can easily add the image URLs to all of your products

Need installation?  Send an e-mail to Client Services or call us on 1-888-717-9746… Read More...

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XRollover – New Version – Now With Lightbox Galleries

XRollover – New Version – Now With Lightbox Galleries

XRollover has always been one of our most popular and successful modules. And now it is even better!

For those of you who do not have XRollover – XRollover allows you to have unlimited numbers of thumbnails on the product page and scrolling over any thumbnail dynamically changes the main product image – here is an example of a thumbnail image gallery created by XRollover


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We build beautiful looking Zen Cart sites, either from our own original graphics or by modifying and customizing commercially available templates

The gallery below shows a selection of both approaches