A lot of people ask us why the shipping weight for an order is noticeably greater than it should be. And this can impact adversely impact your business because the shipping charges being quoted to the customer, either on the Shipping Estimator or on Step 1 of the Checkout may be considerably higher than they should be and consequently deter a customer from placing an order.

This issue arises because Zen Cart has a default setting to add 3 lbs to any order, to allow for shipping and packaging materials. Here we see an item in the cart which shows an order shipping weight of 5.5 lbs –

when actually the product only weighs 2.5lbs,

To edit the default weight added to the cart, click on Configuration->Shipping and change Package Tare Small to Medium – added percentage:weight from 0:3, where the first figure relates to a percentage to add to the order – in this case 0% and the second figure relates to actual weight in pounds to add to the order – in this case 3 lbs, to 0:0 – meaning – no addition for % or actual extra weight.

Now the item in the cart shows the actual weight with no addition for packaging materials –