Kick Up Your Curb Appeal With Zen Cart Templates

Creating a successful Online Store basically comes down to 2 things :

Having products that people want to buy
Having a really attractive looking site to attract and engage potential Customers

Put another way – selling the best widget in the world is less likely to succeed if your Store looks amateurish or plain ugly

Zen Cart, unfortunately, comes supplied with a particularly ugly and out-of-date 3 column template – the Classic template – which says nothing more to clients than –

“I have no idea what I am doing and I don’t want to spend any money to make my site look professional”

But there is a really affordable way to re-brand your site with a Modern, Professional Template, which experience proves, will almost certainly increase your traffic and therefore, sales.

With respect to modifying the template to your store needs – – we can make any changes you require.

The process is – you would Skype with one of our Template Specialists and discuss any changes or customizations you require

We then follow up this review by sending you minutes of the discussion.

Subject to our minutes being an accurate summary of the requirements, we would then quote you for implementing the desired changes.