Big question for all Store Owners – should you upgrade your Store to the new Zen Cart release – Zen Cart 1.5?

We spent a good deal of time evaluating and testing this major new Zen Cart release – Zen Cart 1.5, before feeling comfortable in making our recommendations.

While Zen Cart 1.5 is considered a major release, there are very few new features.
Main Changes In Zen Cart 1.5

  • Admin Profiles Module – is now a core part of Zen Cart.

For those Store Owners not familiar with this module – Admin Profiles allows the Store Owner to assign specific access permissions to specific Admin users.
In this image, the Admin user ‘Sally’ has only been granted access to the Orders screen.


  • HTMLarea editor removed from core due to obsolescence. Use preferred plugin instead if similar functionality is required.
  • FCKeditor components removed from core due to obsolescence. We can install the new and greatly improved CKEditor
  • USPS module removed from core in favor of being an add-on, due to the volatility of frequent changes made by USPS.

We will advise and install any updated USPS or UPS modules under a valid Priority Support Plan (PSP)

However, the most important aspect of Zen Cart 1.5 is that it is much more robust frm a security perspective and we, therefore, strongly recommend that all Store Owners upgrade to this latest release.

When we perform an upgrade, we have to code audit over 2100 files to make sure we capture any custom code, which may be present in the older version.

We then have to hand merge such code into the corresponding files in the new version. This can be a very lengthy process depending on the amount of custom code to be merged,

Upgrades are implemented in a sub-folder so as to not impact to your live site during the upgrade process.

The upgrades are only made ‘live’ once we receive written acceptance that the upgrade performs to standard

Please confirm that wish us to perform the upgrade and we will schedule the task or contact us for a quote to upgrade your site