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At Zen Cart Consulting, we know that Store Owners – no matter how experienced or how new they may be to Zen Cart, totally depend on having mission critical support.

We have heard hundreds, if not thousands, of stories about a Store Owner’s ‘support person’ not being up to the job, not being contactable or simply just disappearing!

Whatever you need, we have highly trained Zen Cart Support & Development Team Members, ready to help you.

* Training – we offer personalized, live Skype training for individuals or groups

* Mobile Responsive Templates – We can update your site to pass Google’s strict Mobile Friendly Test – if your
site is not Mobile Friendly, Google is killing your rankings

* Zen Cart Templates – we create and customize beautiful templates for Zen Cart – samples here –


* Zen Cart Software Development – we have developed a wide range of innovative add-on modules for Zen Cart – details here:


* Custom Programming – we can code any custom solution for Zen Cart

* Hosting – we are almost unique in providing High Performance Clustered Hosting – built form the ground up for Zen Cart and other mission-critical database driven applications

* Proudly Located in United States & Canada – Never Outsourcing Anything!

* We are completely independent from the Zen Cart Development Team – please do NOT call us or email us if you have had order problems with some site using Zen Cart – if the site doesn’t say “Built By Zen Cart Consulting” – it has NOTHING to do with us – call your Credit Card company if you are unhappy with your Vendor

Zen Cart Mobile Friendly

The Fast (Cheap) Way To Go Mobile Zen Cart

Is your site ready for Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’?

If your site isn’t Mobile Friendly – then you are in trouble.

Because, as of April 2015, Google has started punishing any site which is not Mobile Friendly.

The good news is that we have very recently discovered a simple and affordable way to convert your site to Mobile Responsive and therefore be in good standing with Google

Up till now, being Mobile/Google compliant meant choosing a new template which would replace your current desktop look and feel

The downsides of this approach were that:

* Your site would lose its current branding – and

* Such conversions to Mobile Responsive were expensive – typically between $1500 and $2000

This new approach is both fast to implement – typically we turn this kind of project around within 10 days and even better, super affordable!

Please feel free to call us on 1-888-717-9746 if you have questions or would like some more information


How We Provide Tech Support


Zen Cart Consulting guarantees our total commitment to our clients’ projects, unrivalled communication with our clients before and during the implementation process, as well as timely and cost-effective project delivery.

But what happens after the project implementation and rollout?

Zen Cart Consulting offers its clients our very fair and generous ‘Priority Support Plan’ (PSP) – clients only pay for Support on a time-used basis, rather than being billed a monthly Support Contract fee.

Clients pre-purchase 6-hour blocks of PSP support time to be used by the client at their discretion.

Typically, our clients will use their block of PSP support time for further training, custom coding, add-on modules, Zen Cart audits and upgrades, as well as general telephone and email support issues.

Most clients then choose to renew their next block of PSP support time to insure that their sites are always covered for Premium Technical Support

Mission Critical Support Whenever You Need It – 24 * 7 Help Desk, Personal Trainers, Developers

Blazing Fast, Zen Cart Optimized Clustered Hosting From Our Dallas And Canada Centers

We Make Beautiful Zen Cart Web Sites – See Recent Samples Below

Should You Upgrade To Zen Cart 1.5?

Big question for all Store Owners – should you upgrade your Store to the new Zen Cart release – Zen Cart 1.5? We spent a good deal of time evaluating and testing this major new Zen Cart release - Zen Cart 1.5, before feeling comfortable in making our recommendations....

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Free Links Manager

Why are links to your site important? In the simplest terms, search engines view a link to your web site like a vote: If another site links to yours, it must think your site is valuable. Each link to your site contributes a little bit of value in the search engine's...

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Software Spotlight – XMultiPrice

We develop and market a lot of really productive addons for Zen Cart - and we are going to spotlight a number of them, to explain their features and how they might benefit your business. First up is our well-known module, XMultiPrice. If your store offers wholesale...

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Free Zen Cart Modules!

We have 3 new modules for fighting spam - XHoneyPot, XSpamOut and CAPTCHA - best of all - they are all free! Just click on the posts below for more details and download links. (You can find the download links - click on 'Read Full Story') Need Support ? Send an e-mail...

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XHoneyPot Spam Fighter – New Free Module!

New Free Spam Fighter Module - Even Better than CAPTCHA XHoneyPot module was developed to provide protection from spam account registrations for Zen Cart stores. Features include: Create account spam protection without any need for the customer to enter often...

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Superior Hosting By Design

Our hosting is radically different in terms of its structure and technology platform and is demonstrably superior to almo any other hosting company. Why? Because our hosting is built around multiple server, Clustered Hosting - every shared hosting account has its...

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How To Stop Spam Signups – Free Module!

More and more of of our clients are getting hammered by Spam signups!. These occur because armies of computers search out sites where automated scripts can be run, creating phantom, Spam accounts. We have a module - CAPTCHA - that will prevent this. This module is not...

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XSpamOut – New, Free Module for Zen Cart

XSpamOut - New, Free Module for Zen Cart A common problem for many Zen Cart Store Owners is the volume of 'spam' registrations. Now - we  have two solutions - CAPTCHA - a free of charge module that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that...

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How Our Priority Support Works

How Our Priority Support Works

Zen Cart Consulting guarantees our total commitment to our clients’ projects, unrivalled communication with our clients before and during the implementation process, as well as timely and cost-effective project delivery. But what happens after the project...

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We build beautiful looking Zen Cart sites, either from our own original graphics or by modifying and customizing commercially available templates

The gallery below shows a selection of both approaches