Zen Cart Consulting guarantees our total commitment to our clients’ projects, unrivalled communication with our clients before and during the implementation process, as well as timely and cost-effective project delivery.

But what happens after the project implementation and rollout?

Zen Cart Consulting offers its clients our very fair and generous ‘Priority Support Plan’ (PSP) – clients only pay for Support on a time-used basis, rather than being billed a monthly Support Contract fee.

Clients pre-purchase 6-hour blocks of PSP support time to be used by the client at their discretion.

Typically, our clients will use their PSP block of support time for further training, custom coding, add-on modules, Zen Cart audits and upgrades, as well as general telephone and email support issues.

Support time on these areas is logged in our database and when the PSP time-balance is nearing zero, a renewal notice for the next block of support time will be sent out.

We describe our PSP system as being ‘very fair and generous’ and here is why:

The vast majority of e-commerce and web design companies bill their clients a monthly support fee, irrespective of whether the client has requested or received support.

We believe the ‘Pay as You Play’ system is vastly superior for our clients. And our plan is truly ‘generous’ because, unlike lawyers or accountants, we do NOT log every moment against the client account.

To be clear – clients only purchase more Support Hours when they have used up their current block of 6 hours – and purchasing more Support Hours is entirely optional.

Of course, most clients do renew their Priority Support Plan (PSP) hours to make sure that they always have immediate Technical Support

We like to talk with our clients (and some of our clients would say ‘too much’ J ) so we only log a portion of contact time against the PSP.

Our PSP Plan is a Friendly, Fair and Fun way of ensuring your business support continuity and is excellent value considering that our charge for post-implementation support for any client NOT on a Priority Support Plan is a minimum two-hour charge.

We deploy web based Support Tracking Reporting, which allows clients to view their Support history and the balance of Support time remaining on their Priority Support Plan account.

You can view a Sample Support Tracking Report To Date here:


Column D – PSP Balance shows the remaining amount of Priority Support Plan (PSP) time in minutes.

What issues are logged to a Priority Support Plan (PSP) account?”

Any issue requiring us to spend time responding to that issue, whether by phone, email or Skype, will be logged to the Priority Support Plan (PSP) and will, therefore, be reflected in the Support Tracking Report – with the exceptions of:

1. Any problems encountered with any of our Zen Cart Modules where such issues arise from a bug in our software. Our modules are always upgraded free of charge.

Any problems arising due to a client having installed other non-Zen Cart Modules will be charged to the Support Tracking Report

2. Any time spent with a client on pre-sales questions – such time spent, whether by phone, email or Skype, will not be allocated to the Support Tracking Report

3. Project or Software Development Time – that is – the time spent developing software or project specifications, documentation, client meetings etc, relating to such projects will not be charged to the PSP account if such projects are accepted and commissioned for development.

However, all such preparation time will be allocated to the PSP account in the event that the client decides not to proceed with the project.