New Zen Cart Upgrade 1.5.7

Zen Cart has just released a new, improved version – 1.5.7

· Admin – Admins can now login to a customer account (login as that customer), to place an order on their behalf.
· Email – SPAM prevention built in to forms
· Improved Mobile Responsive template
· Admin – Order Listing – hover for quick view of the products ordered or to see customer comments, without opening the order details.
· Admin – Improved customer search
· Storefront – Product page now includes Ask a Question
· Storefront – Contact Us page now includes a telephone number

Other Improvements include:

· Storefront – Products with single-valued attributes (such as downloads) can now be added to the cart from the listing page.
· Storefront – Improved handling of product restrictions such as units and minimum quantities.
· Storefront – Define page added to shopping cart page for static content.
· Storefront – The responsive classic template now meets accessibility standards for both desktop and mobile.
· Admin – Order Status may be updated from the order listing screen.
· Admin – Order Status emails are now sent in the language of the order.
· Admin – Order Status dropdown can now be sorted to match your business workflow.
· Admin – Order Status notification behavior for an Order Status update (send email/do not send email/hide update) may now be configured by an admin switch.
· Admin – Products to Categories Link Manager – Addition of a global tool to copy linked categories to another product.
· Admin – Product Copy expanded to include copy of metatags and linked categories.
· Admin – Validation for integer min and max values and email addresses.
· Admin – Improved configuration settings descriptions.
· Admin – Countries page is easier to perform enable/disable actions.
· Admin – Improved error messaging.
· Admin – Help links to the documentation website added to all pages.
· Admin – Products Viewed report now excludes bots and admins, and its database storage restructured to improve site performance.
· Admin – Alphabetical sorting of Reports and Tools menus.
· Admin – Validation and alerts for updating configuration settings, and other updates to sanitization layer.
· Admin – Improvements in Option Name/Value management.
· Admin – UI improvements for Attributes Controller, Featured, Option Names Manager, Option Values Manager, Products to Multiple Categories, Specials.
· Admin – Fixed last-order details on customer preview box on right.
· Email – SPAM prevention built in to forms
· Email – Improvements made to increase email deliverability.
· Email – Untranslatable text removed from email
· Checkout – Correction of order total layout issues on mobile in responsive_classic template.
· All known bugfixes and security fixes for v1.5.6 are included in v1.5.7
… and many other incremental improvements to make Zen Cart more efficient, more robust and easier to use.
· These changes, along with updating your PHP version, will make your cart faster.

Give us a call on 1-888-717-9746 if you would like us to upgrade your site to the latest version