An increasing number of Zen Cart sites are being hacked and used for all kinds of sinister purposes.

We have seen hacks attempting to steal credit card numbers, launch Denial of Service Attacks, taking over Zen Cart Admin profiles and locking out existing Store Owners amongst many hundreds of others.

It is almost impossible for any Store Owner to tell if they have been hacked, although, one type of hack does make itself visible in the Extras->Record Companies menu

– where any entry of ‘0’ means hack files are present – per this image:


If your store is running any version of Zen Cart less than 1.5.0 or 1.5.1, the chances are that your store has almost certainly been hacked.

You can check what version of Zen Cart you are running in the Tools->Server/Version Info

Upgrades require meticulous attention to detail to ensure that all malware is detected and removed, as well as ensuring that the upgraded store looks and functions as before.

When we perform an upgrade, we have to code audit over 2100 files to make sure we capture any custom code, which may be present in the older version.

We then have to hand merge such code into the corresponding files in the new version. This can be a very lengthy process depending on the amount of custom code to be merged,

Our fee varies from store to store depending on how much customization has been done.

Upgrades are implemented in a sub-folder so as  to not  impact to your live site during the upgrade process.

The upgrades are only made ‘live’ once we receive written acceptance that the upgrade performs to standard

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